You are causing everything that is affecting you.

There is no one else to blame — the ultimate empowerment.

Story Waters
7 min readApr 23

“In clarity, the exchange would simply be to acknowledge that we wanted to hit each other and get on with it without the blame.”

The perception of time being linear has become as integral to our experience of reality as the solidity of matter. The fluidity of reality that spiritual awakening reveals not only includes increased experiences of synchronicity but also coming to perceive time in a more fluid way.

The past and the future are powerful ideas that we use to separate our experiences and apply a potent additional layer of meaning to them.

We have determined that the past is unalterable from the present, and that the present cannot be affected by the future. In this way, we perceive the unfolding of our experience in a linear fashion from the belief that what is ahead on the timeline cannot affect what is behind it. This creates the arrow of time and, like the whole of our reality system, it is a product of our perception.

To organize experience in this way has been incredibly helpful. Just as to awaken to the grand illusion (the realization that reality is a perceptual projection of consciousness) is not to dissolve physicality, so too, after awakening, we also remain in linear time. That said, it is a shallower, more fluid / malleable experience of time. This fluidity is reflected in the loosening of its strict linearity.

A good example of this comes from examining the assumption of cause and effect, as this is the basis for how we apply linearity to our thinking. Typically, we see our inner emotional state as being the result of what we are experiencing in our outer reality. If situations we perceive as negative are happening, we feel depressed or maybe angry. If good things are happening, we feel happy and positive.

Through the idea of cause and effect, reality is seen as causing our mood.

This belief not only includes an inherent assumption that our reality is separate from what we are, it then grants this external…

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